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Our unique approach to wellness can fill in the gaps for your members.

Prioritize Wellness serves as an added benefit for many groups such as healthcare companies, associations, health shares and employee groups. Your members can get full access to our membership, which includes an array of wellness benefits.


"As an industry leader in association management, we work with top-rated product and service providers to offer the very best affinity benefits. I highly recommend Prioritize Wellness. It's an excellent health and wellness website, along with fantastic benefits. Prioritize Wellness provides real value for your group and can help grow, retain, and engage your membership." - One of Our Clients, Gallagher

Have you ever considered how the addition of a robust wellness program might benefit you, your policyholders, members, or employees?

The purpose of Prioritize Wellness exists within the "Three E's":

Educate - members learn how to live a healthy and happy life

Equip - we give members the tools, the resources, and the guidance that they need to reach their wellness goals, and to live a sustainable, healthy life on a long-term basis

Empower - when members are educated and equipped, they become empowered to take responsibility for their wellness, and they become role models to others in their families and communities

What is the end result for you when you partner with Prioritize Wellness?

When you give your members access to Prioritize Wellness, you receive happier, healthier employees, policyholders, or members, heightened productivity, and lowered health-related costs.

Most importantly, you gain peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that your group is being supported, guided, and strengthened in their personal wellness development, which results in:

- Increased productivity in the workplace due to lowered stress & increased longevity

- Reduced risk of disease and mental illness

- Decreased health care related costs & lowered disk of disability

Healthy individuals who exercise, eat a healthy diet, and live a lifestyle of preventative Wellness are less likely to have sick days, emergency room visits, doctor visits, and chronic illness. (CDC, August, 2020)


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