Maximizing Fitness Goals - Myth #1

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Many people believe that in order to reach their fitness goals, they must spend hours a day in the gym, and they must go to extremes by doing hours of cardio and very heavy weight lifting. But is this the full truth? This is the first post in our series that will debunk common fitness myths.

Myth #1 - "I have to push my body to the limits every single day if I want to be in shape."

One of the most important parts of working towards a desirable physique is recovery. Just how sleep is crucial for a persons brain to recover from the previous day, a recovery period after working out is key to building muscle and maintaining a healthy weight. Muscle building is a two step process. The first step includes tearing the muscle (micro-tears) and the second step involves the body repairs and then adapts the muscle to better respond to the stimulus that caused the micro-tears. Over working muscle groups and not allowing enough time for recovery stunts muscle growth, because it interferes with the second part of the growth process. A popular fitness phrase that may help put this into prospective is, "Muscles are torn in the gym and build while sleeping."

Trainer Tip: Incorporate rest days into your fitness plan. This could look like taking the weekends off to recover, or working out every other day to ensure that enough recovery time is acquired. It's all about what works with your schedule, makes you feel rested, and helps you stay motivated.

Ways to improve recovery after a workout:

  • Stretch

  • Take a warm bath with Epsom salt

  • Sleep at least 8 hours a night + even more if you had an intense workout

  • Wait until muscles are no longer sore before working out again (usually around 4 days after that muscle group has been worked)

  • Supplement with sports nutrition products such as l-glutamine, BCAA's, high quality protein power and creatine.

- Prioritize Wellness