No Gym? No Problem.

Updated: Jan 7

With the constant busyness and responsibilities in life, it can be hard to find time to go to the gym. For many individuals, they may need that extra 15-30 minutes for the trip to the gym and back home. So what do you do when you only have about 10-15 minutes total to spare? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get an efficient and fat-burning workout at home even if you don't have gym equipment. For example, Exercises like pushups, squats, burpees, lunges, and crunches built into intervals are a great way to a quick workout. Setting up a quick workout with High-Intensity Interval training will push your body to fat-burning mode in as little as 10 minutes. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a training technique where a person exerts 100% of their energy on an exercise for a certain amount of time, and then has a rest period before resuming a high intensity interval. The time intervals in a HIIT workout are based upon a person's physical abilities. In other words, the recovery periods in-between intervals of intense exercise will depend upon how long it takes for someone to go "all-out" on their next high-intensity period.

HIIT can be performed in various ways, such as running, riding a stationary bike, performing bodyweight exercises, or even by lifting weights in a HIIT format. Here are two examples of what a HIIT workout might look like:

Workout #1 (bodyweight) :

Lunges (30 sec)

Rest (40 sec)

Pushups (30 sec)

Rest (40 sec)

Squats (30 Sec)

Rest (40 sec)

Jumping Jacks (30 sec)

Rest (40 sec)

Crunches (30 sec)

Rest (40 sec)

(Repeat cycle for the desired amount of time)

Workout #2 (stationary bike)

(Warm-up with light pedaling for about 2 minutes)

Pedal Hard (15 seconds)

Pedal Light ( 30 seconds)

(Repeat cycle for 10-20 minutes)

Interval workouts like these make it easy to get a quick sweat when you only have 10-20 minutes to spare. The best part is that you can customize a HIIT workout to your ability and can add things like a kettle bell, jump rope, medicine ball, or yoga ball. Even if you have sensitive joints you can still customize your workout to be low-impact.

Here are great HIIT workouts that you can follow along with: