Weight Training 101

Weight Training can help play a vital role in your fitness plan journey because it will help you build and maintain muscle. It will also help an individual burn fat, increase metabolism, decrease risk of osteoporosis, improve insulin sensitivity, balance hormone levels, and increase the production of endorphins in the brain.

Dividing Muscle Groups

There are many different weight-training plans but one efficient way to divide your weight training schedule is to make sure you are not over-using certain muscle groups through the week. For example, an individual may work their shoulders on Monday, and on Tuesday they decide to work out their triceps. What is wrong with this? Many of the exercises you do to work your triceps are also going to activate your shoulder muscles. Therefore, this will stunt that individuals shoulder muscle recovery because they are working on them again the very next day with some of the tricep exercises.

How do you split up your muscle groups on a weight-training plan?

There may be many different plans that solve this problem, but one weight training plan that is been proven time after time to work is the Push-Pull Training Method.

PUSH-PULL TRAINING: There are certain muscle groups that are defined as push or pull muscles. A push muscle is one that contracts and lengthens when the weight is pushed away from the body. The push muscle group includes chest, shoulders, and triceps. Pull muscle group contract and lengthen when weight is pulled toward the body. The Pull muscles in a Push-Pull training group usually just refer to the back and biceps. Once you plan a day to work on your “push” and “pull” muscles, then it is time to schedule a day for they lower body, which can be worked completely in one day. Using this method every week can be a time efficient way to make sure that you are working every muscle in the body. Because this method requires 3 days a week with rest in-between, either working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday would be a great way to maintain structure and stay on track.

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